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Vehicle Fire Investigation

Park Lodge International Vehicle Fire Investigation courses:

Our FireWise UK Lead Tutor partners with Park Lodge International and delivers the well renowned Vehicle Fire Investigation courses, delivered in Ireland, across Europe or internationally as required by clients - Fire and Police Services, Crime Scene Investigators, bus operators, vehicle manufacturers, Recovery agents and Insurance Assessors.


The course incorporates vehicle fire investigation theory, live vehicle burns and practical scene examinations.




The second day practical involves each syndicate planning and burning a car. This experience focusses the delegates to understand fire spread, ventilation with slow and quick fire development. The planned fire can give the impression or to re-enact an accidental fire or to be an example of deliberate ignition. Each syndicate needs to plan, describe and implement the scenario and then witness the fire which for many is the first time of seeing a ‘start to finish’ fire situation which in itself provides knowledge. At all points reviews and questioning takes place in order that each delegate maximises the learning available. It also gives delegates an opportunity to try various fire setting, dispose of some myths in order to give them the objective view capability for fire investigation.

The first three or four practicals, each syndicate investigates a vehicle which was burnt the day before the course; during investigations delegates are encouraged to question their findings and provide possible causes, points of origin and whether the incident was deliberate or accidental. Excavation, the observation and interpretation of post fire indicators and theories and hypotheses are discussed while the investigations are in progress but also in the review stages.

The third day will look in more detail into alternative fuelled vehicles, reviewing all types of vehicles including Electric Vehicles (EVs) and large goods vehicles using electric, LNG/CNG and Hydrogen. It will also cover some detailed case studies, an opportunity for delegates to share an interesting investigation they have undertaken and more detailed practical investigations with evidence locating and recording.

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