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About FireWise

FireWise Learning Academy was established in Canada in 2008 and the original FireWise Fire Investigation programme was developed by Bob Turley, a former Deputy Fire Commissioner for the Province of British Columbia, Canada and experienced Fire Scene Investigator.

Bob was a very close friend and colleague of the late Dr. John DeHaan the internationally recognised forensic scientist, with over forty years’ experience in the fields of fire investigation, fire behaviour, fire protection engineering, criminalistics, fire science and crime scene reconstruction.

Over the years John has contributed hugely to the FireWise Learning Academy Fire Investigation programme and, in homage to the world-renowned Fire Investigator, recorded input and comment from him is retained within the programme.

FireWise Learning Academy is a value-driven and Benefit Corporation for Good company committed to delivering quality information over profits to ensure that those in the fire service and their governing authorities receive the knowledge and support needed to help them provide a high level of fire protection in their communities or business.

Building on the success of FireWise Learning Academy across Canada and now the United States, founder Bob Turley is now working with FireWise UK Learning Academy to extend the international training across the UK.

The proven FireWise Fire Investigation programme is now available

across the UK through the FireWise UK Learning Academy!

The FireWise UK Fire Investigation programme aligns with:

  • the NFPA 1033 Job Performance Requirements of the scientific fire and explosion investigator

  • NFPA 921:2021

  • the recommended qualifications of the NFCC National Competency Framework for Fire Investigation, and the UK Approved Code of Practice

  • all the Skills for Justice Level 2 Introduction to Fire Investigation assessment criteria.

Delivered by UK Fire Investigation subject matter experts with decades of fire investigation experience and knowledge of current UK training and competency standards, ensuring that learners receive relevant knowledge and understanding relevant to their 'origin & cause determination' of routine fire scenes such as kitchen fires, small electrical items, white goods, smouldering/smoking materials and car fires.


To find out more about the FireWise Fire Investigation programme contact

FireWise UK Learning Academy at


Bob Turley

FireWise Founder

Est. 2008


The late Dr John DeHaan August 13, 1948

- May 7, 2022

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