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Meet the FireWise UK Team

James Holder


James Holder



James is an experienced Fire Officer and a full time Fire Investigator since 2011. James is an Associate Tutor at the National Fire Service College, Moreton-in-Marsh and FireWiseUK Learning Academy, training fire investigators in the UK and overseas.


His principal responsibilities are acting as a primary investigator for major fires, fires involving serious injury or death. This includes all types of property and involves scene examination, determining area of origin and ignition sequence, interpreting fire damage and burn patterns, documenting the scene, evidence preservation and recognition, interviewing witnesses and preparing written reports of investigative findings to potentially form expert evidence in both HM Coroners and HM Crown Courts.


Since becoming a fire Investigator, James has investigated in excess of 300 incidents, including large financial loss fires, fatal fires as a result of accidents, unlawful killings and suicides. Consequently, he has produced reports containing expert opinion pertaining to fire cause and origin that have subsequently been presented to both HM Crown Court and HM Coroners Court.

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